100% Dual Vented Lens for Racecraft/Accuri Goggles

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100% Dual Vented Lens for Racecraft/Accuri Goggles
  • Essentials for Racecraft/Accuri Snow goggles
  • All-purpose clear lens provides maximum amount of light allowance for all conditions
  • Clear and smoke dual lenses prevent fog build-up in all weather conditions and are ideal for the toughest conditions
  • Blue lens provides increased contrast for varying conditions and is ideal for medium to low light
  • Yellow lens is perfect for flat, low light conditions and improves the contrast and definition of any obstacle
  • Neutral tint smoke lens reduces glare while providing accurate color perception in medium to bright light conditions
  • Persimmon and rose lenses are ideal for overcast conditions, with improved depth perception and increased contrast
  • Mirrored lenses offer the maximum reduction of glare in bright light conditions for improved performance
  • Replacement nose guard fits only Racecraft Snow goggles